Event Planning


One venue does not fit all occasions.  Why force technology to do so?  At Joshua Communications we know your event or conference has special needs based on its size and audience type.  That is why we offer a wide array of solutions to fit your needs.  From websites designed to promote your event and register your guests, to inventory management of sponsorship packages and conference apps, we can design an event package to meet your needs.


Leading a board of volunteers while hosting a successful conference is becoming increasingly more difficult. What if you could monitor your attendee count, exhibitor list, and number of sponsors from on master dashboard? What if you could increase annual revenue with the right conference solution? That would be the legacy to leave when you rotate out of the position.


Your event must be inspiring. You need great speakers and sessions or activities that keep your attendees engaged. Your theme must be represented on your website, app, and printed materials. You must manage a small budget and a large group of volunteers. Timing of everything must be perfect. So, how do you make it all work together – seamlessly?


A major role of your position is to develop and implement strategic plans for the State Council. Running the day-to-day operation, working with the board to manage committees and volunteers is a challenge made easier with the right tools and resources. Do you have the right technology partner in place to accomplish all the moving parts to be successful and cost-effective?