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From getting your word out to inspiring the best from your employees. Communication is the common thread in a company’s success and often your biggest challenge.

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Learning Center

Training that goes beyond the typical LMS

The world has become digital, making the need for online training no longer a luxury . . . but a necessity.

The landscape of our workforce has become hybrid or remote
eLearning offers more accessibility for employees with flexible learning times and locations
Helps lower overall training costs by providing a broad range of learning topics that are easy to consume

Most LMS platforms are just that . . Platforms

This leaves the heaving lifting up to you.

You do not have to learn how to build a course. We’ve got that covered. You do not need to figure out where you are going to store the course. We’ll put it right on your Resource Center making it easy for employees to find. You don’t need to build the reporting structure into the course. We’ve got that covered too.

We start with the employee experience in mind

The experience is what makes employees remember the information and determine what actions need to take place.

Just receiving the knowledge simply isn’t enough to keep employees engaged. To bring about change or inform or to teach, it’s important to tap into emotions to make the connection so that employees retain the content we want them to learn.

We build the course for you.

You provide the content.

Our team brings the course to life.

How It Works

Course Styles


The Instructional style course is used when explaining step by step or a “how to” process. The course moves in a linear pattern informing what to do when, then moves on to the next step. Relatively simple, but effective when the message is presented clearly, concisely and jazzed up with images and videos to help get the points across.


The Intermediate style course adds elements that cause the learner to interact with the content. This style is specifically effective when you need confirmation the learner understands the content before they can move onto the next section. Utilizing these elements, provides immediate feedback to the learner confirming they learned the material or letting them know they need to give it another look. Sliders, Drag ‘n Drop, Dials, Animated Text and Graphics all help the brain process the information more quickly.


An Interactive course pulls from the elements used in the Intermediate style course and pairs them with the power of choice. Learners have a lot more control of how they move through the course material. This style incorporates, voice over, videos, animations and generally more production elements to cause the learner to engage with the content. Spokespersons are often used to guide and teach the course. This style is particularly effective when critical thinking is involved and is extremely effective when you are trying to solve a problem.

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