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The Art Of Communications


Communications is a critical element in solving business problems. From getting your word out to your audience to inspiring the best from your employees, communication is the common thread in a company’s success and also their biggest challenge.

The challenge comes in the form of crafting a message that is creatively given, easily received, and openly understood by an audience. Each element is a challenge unto itself.  Get it wrong and your message is not heard, can be lost, or leaves your audience uninspired and grasping the wrong conclusion.

At Joshua Communications, we walk you through the communications challenge.  We deliver your message in a story your audience understands.  We use technology to create platforms that give people the opportunity to engage. And, we speak in a tone your audience will understand.  Let us show you the art of communications.

Obstacles To Overcome



Technology is both the greatest asset and biggest hindrance in communications today. It changes almost daily. What was new today, is old tomorrow. The look of websites change. New operating systems are constantly introduced. How do you plan on keeping up with technology?


From 60 Minutes to 60 Seconds is the new attention span. Each day there seems to be a new way to get information. A new app, a new website, a new form of social media, each promising to deliver the content we want. How do you plan on cutting through the clutter?


Yes “span”, not “gap”. Your audience is growing. There are more people now in the work force than ever. Communication styles are more diverse now than any point in our history. Crafting the right message for the right group can be daunting. How will you span the generations?


It is a commodity we all have, but seem to never have enough of. The challenge comes when timelines are shortened. Deadlines become back to back. Spending too much time on one project only makes the others suffer. Unrealistic deadlines can and do happen, usually when your plate is full. How will you manage your time?


Even presidents have official speech writers. Your job is to run a company, launch a division, or increase sales for a product. However, there will come a time when you will need to deliver a message to your audience. You will need to tell your story. You will need to persuade others in to action. Who will give you your words?


With so many platforms to choose from, how do you know which is right for you, right for your message, and right for your audience? An app can provide targeting and engaging information. Websites can reach a world wide audience. Text messaging can get instantaneous engagement. Which is the right platform?

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