The Art & Science of Communications

Have you ever felt like you are talking, but no one is listening?  Blame science. Studies show communications must tap into one or more of the following most prominent emotional motivators to be effective.

At Joshua Communications we’ve mastered the art and science of communications. We make sure your message resonates with your audience. We look at the best medium for your message and the emotion it will entice when delivered.

We Listen To YOU

With more than 20 years in the communications and advertising industry, we understand the power of communications. More importantly we understand the importance of YOUR message and why it is unique to you. We understand your timing, what needs to happen and the desired result.  We listen and get your message right the first time.  As opposed to Missy the Missing Cat… Play Link.

Watch What Happens When Communications Go Bad

When Words Aren’t Enough

We are a visual society.  Adding the right visual impact to your communications will catch the attention of your audience and make your message more memorable. Simply sending more emails or putting information in bold is not communicating.  At Joshua Communications we reinvent your message with the visual impact that will help tell your story, and deliver it in ways that your audience will understand and remember.

Watch A Different Twist To An Old Message

A Different Perspective

Can we be honest with you?  At Joshua Communications we will analyze your communication needs, making valuable and actionable recommendations.

We will be honest with your situation, and deliver a step by step process to fix your communications needs.  We will hit the nail on the head.

Watch How A Simple Solution Gets Complicated