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From getting your word out to inspiring the best from your employees. Communication is the common thread in a company’s success and often your biggest challenge.

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About Us

Engage . Inspire . Move Employees To Action

Our WHY is the reason we get out of bed in the morning. It captures the very essence of what makes working with Joshua Communications unique. It is present in each and everything we do.

People don’t buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it.


Once you know WHY you do what you do the question is … HOW will you do it?

Our HOWs are our principles and values. Our PRINCIPLES inform what we say. Our VALUES are expressed in how we do things. Words are slippery, so we’ve defined what we do and what we don’t mean by each one.


What we mean
Approachable, straightforward, warm, empathetic


What we don’t mean
Overly simplistic, silly, lacking in substance


How does CONVERSATIONAL sound?
Conversational doesn’t mean we’re using overly simplistic language. And while a conversation with a friend might get informal and messy, our Conversational writing simply means we aim to be approachable and straightforward.

We convey big ideas in a way that is easily understood, humble, and concise.


What we mean
Evidence-based, confident, self-assured, experienced, wise


What we don’t mean
Set in our ways, self-promotional, stuck in the past


How does PROVEN sound?
Proven for us means standing by our track record and offering solutions that have demonstrated their value. We do this with confidence rather than arrogance — and we support our claims with facts and statistics whenever possible. We use our past successes to look forward and take on the future knowing we’re armed with a winning formula.

With experience comes wisdom. We embrace change and back up our solutions with proven techniques to solve our client’s problems.


What we mean
Stimulating, actionable, exciting, empowering


What we don’t mean
Sentimental, cli·hé, like a page from a self-help book


How does INSPIRING sound?
Inspiring means we want our readers to move forward with excitement after engaging with our content. What they read should stimulate them to look at a topic in a new way or tackle a task in a way they might not have considered before. And we do this while avoiding cliches or manipulating emotions.

We inspire readers to act and take on new adventures with confidence.


What we mean
Creative, generous, inquisitive, bold, outside-the-box thinkers


What we don’t mean
Overly provocative, hyper-intellectual, “deep”


Thought-provoking means we’re always asking questions and aren’t afraid to stray from the set path. We want our writing to provoke ideas in the minds of our readers — and we do this while staying approachable and never descending into convoluted philosophical discussions. Our writing remains concrete, even when our thoughts wander outside the box.

We’re not afraid to do things differently and to lead the way if it’s something we believe in.



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