March 15, 2018

The Power of Video Engagement with Employees

There is an old adage; when you say it, read it, and hear it you will learn it.  It’s true, and I have the college test scores to prove it.  The human brain retains information at a much higher rate when all senses are being
March 9, 2018

6 Critical Elements Your Employee Benefits Websites Must Have

Most employers have finally realized that their employees need a benefits website.  They need a single place online (outside the firewall) to house all their benefits information. But in today’s world, that just isn’t enough. To stay a step ahead of the competition, meet employee expectations, and get the most
March 6, 2018

Is Your Employee Benefits Website the Center of Year Round Communications?

Communicating to employees should not start and stop with open enrollment. Best-in-class employee benefits websites facilitate an ongoing conversation with employees throughout the year, making it more likely that workers will value and effectively utilize all the offerings your company brings to the table. Ongoing Conversations An employee benefits website should