The Challenge

How do you combat company turnover, while telling employees there is more to the company than just the paycheck – and, do it four times a year with a cost that is usually less than one printing?

The Solution

An Online Total Compensation Statement is technology’s next step. It provides the employee quarterly updated comp information that engages them in real-time.  Online also allows deeper benefit engagement.  A benefit is no longer just a line item.  Clicking on ‘medical’ opens up a window revealing a full plan description.  Additional drop-downs can include Wellness, Enrollment, and How to Change Your Benefit information. An Online TCS connects on so many levels.

The Result

You are able to increase connection with your employees for no additional cost. They get to see a real-time progression of their compensation.  Your company gets a communication platform that not only connects with employees on a compensation level, but also teaches them about the big picture of your company’s offerings.  You sit back and watch the magic happen.

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