The Challenge

How do you combat company turnover, while telling employees there is more to the company than just the paycheck?

The Solution

One of our highly impactful, company branded, Total Compensation Statements is the solution. Utilizing print options from small brochures to multiple page booklets, we can tell your company’s compensation story with a personal statement for each employee. With our online statements, employees have the added benefit of being able to click on a benefit and see plan descriptions.  Wellness, Vacation and other company perks are highlighted making certain your employees see the full impact of their compensation beyond what is seen on their pay stubs.

The Result

Your employees will get to see the big picture. One that speaks to them on a personal level both for this year and for the future.  A Total Compensation Statement goes beyond the employee; it also connects with the spouse.  The team gains a better knowledge of company benefits and how the company is providing a better life for them.  You get to say… “you are welcome”.